“You had me at wifi”… a look at the Samsung NX300 camera with wifi

I received the Samsung NX300 camera for review recently, which fellow blogger Alexia Beswick promptly snatched from me to try out and write about (I think she was lured by the wifi capability, and the fact that it looks quite cool and retro).

Here’s her review of this camera:

What they say/specs

  • 20.3 megapixels
  • High Speed Capture (7fps/Fast AF i.e you can take photos of moving objects more easily)
  • Mirrorless lens system (a feature normally only found on a DSLR)
  • i-Function lens feature
  • R8 999

My experience

I currently own two compact cameras (four if you count the ones built into my iPhone and iPad). That, coupled with the fact that I work in the advertising industry and have spent enough time on set around charming photographers, I’d say I know my way around the moment-capturing ‘toy’.


The Samsung NX300 doesn’t look like your average compact camera. Everything about it screams DSLR (you know, those super legit looking ones that “real” photographers/hipsters parade around?), but with all the functionality of a compact (and almost all the ‘compactness’) of one.


The camera has interchangeable lenses (complete with lens cap, had a ‘blonde moment’ the first time I tested the beauty. Note to self: remove lens cap before attempting to take a photo) and more megapixels I can count on my digits!

Expect beautiful quality images that are big (hello!), detailed, vibrant and colour rich. In other words, no filter needed!


Overall what made me fall in love with this beauty was its Wi-Fi connectivity. A function that meant I could share the moments I’d just captured, instantly over email, Facebook (and other social platforms) and directly to my iPhone.

And in 2014, as instant sharing is really caring, I was quickly head over heels.

I think that’s one of the reasons why my current two cameras lie, erm, underutilised (read: collecting dust). In a tech filled world that doesn’t care much about #latergrams, it’s a hassle to find a card reader (or the right usb cable for the right camera) and then download the images to my Mac and THEN only be able to overshare the “highlights reel” of my life with the rest of the world.

That said, the Samsung NX300 still isn’t as compact as I’d like it to be. One’s handbag only has so much space, iPhone, purse, makeup bag, backup makeup bag….you get the picture.


Once wifi is free and reliably available all over SA? Makeup free life here we come. Now all we need is free Wi-Fi readily everywhere in SA 😉

Samsung NX300



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