Jabra Revo Wireless headphones (for drowning out any noise)

March 18, 2014

I knew I “needed” wireless headphones when, a few weeks ago, I was listening to music with headphones, stood up to make some coffee, and almost dragged my laptop with me. The same has happened with falling iPods and iPhones, so headphones that operate wirelessly have been a welcome addition to my laptop bag. Plus I can speak on Skype with them via my laptop, without being rooted to one spot – I can go make myself more coffee while I speak.


For starters, these Jabra Revo wireless headphones are easy to set up – there’s a switch on the side, and it’s simple to pair with whatever Bluetooth device you’re using (these are compatible with all Bluetooth devices). What’s great is that you can also use them wired to your laptop.


The headphones are comfortable and even come with a little protective bag to carry with. They feel like the right weight too – not too light that you feel they are very flimsy, and not too heavy that you feel bogged down. The headphones also have memory foam padding which is very comfortable (and I’m guessing blocks out outside sound too). They fold up, and are pretty hardy – they survived being in my handbag and laptop bag, which is pretty much like going through headphone bootcamp.


There’s a built-in battery that lasts for 12 hours (of music time, or talk time for the microphone), 240 hours of standby time, and it comes with a USB cable to charge. This might be a hassle for those who don’t like the “hassle” of using a laptop or computer to charge (you can obviously use your own plug adapter).


The sound is very good (much like any good brand of headphone I’ve tried, to be honest), and I love the touch controls on the headphone cups. You can easily control volume and track backwards and forwards by moving the touch controls in circles, or tapping respectively. The controls are very touch sensitive, but once you know where is what, then it’s a breeze to control, and things are convenient to manoeuvre.

So it’s a tick for sound, portability, usability, convenience and “cool”, making the Jabra Revo Wireless a head above the rest.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good sound
  • Can be used wired too
  • Has touch controls on the sides of the earcups


  • It doesn’t come with a wall charger – it has to be charged via USB
  • Expensive – R4000
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