What’s the best thing you could do for your face? It could be eyebrow shaping

March 20, 2014

In winter last year, when I was feeling like I do most winters – chubby, dry skinned with breakouts – my friend Tam pointed me an amazing picture of actress Michelle Williams in a Chanel campaign. It’s hard to know what the “truth” is in Photoshopped pics, but the thing we loved most, and believed to be real, were her eyebrows.

And I thought that if there was one thing I could/should change to perk up the winter of my discontent, it was great eyebrows. So I asked Twitter to advise me on a great brow bar in Joburg, and someone with beautifully eye-raising eyebrows sent me a message telling me about Bridgette from iBrowz in Melrose Arch, and that I “had to go”.

I made an online appointment, and went to Bridgette, who took a pic, measured, tinted, waxed, tweezed and groomed my eyebrows to near perfection (I’ve discovered that the more frequently I go, ie once a month, the more my eyebrows take shape).

The reason I’m sharing this and Bridgette’s tips below, is that great eyebrows make your face brighten, and bring out your eyes in a way that most moms might be wanting and needing. Most people don’t notice my brows, but I do, and I feel prettier with them nipped and tweaked. On several occasions, people have noticed, and once when I was at MAC, a makeup artist came up to me and asked if Bridgette did my brows! She had never been to Bridgette, but said she “just knew”.


And if you’re not into going to someone else to get your brows in shape, some of these tips from Bridgette can help you on your way:

– You should have your brows done every four to six weeks.

– There are loads of great tweezers out there, but Tweezerman in the slanted shape are my favourite.

– You can pluck your eyebrows between treatments. Pluck around the shape and not close to the brow as this might cause overplucking.

– When plucking, always use two mirrors – one hand mirror and one large one – so that you can see your brows from near and far.

– Be very careful of overplucking and don’t cut them yourself – it’s almost impossible to cut your own brows well.

– There are lots of products on the market that help lengthen lashes and brows, but my favourite is RapidLash. It can make brows grow longer and faster, but it can’t recreate the brow. So if there follicle damage, it can’t make the hair grow.


You can find iBrowz on Facebook. To make an online appointment, go to MyAppointment.

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  • Chantelle Bester

    THAT is a very good brow shaping. *claps appreciatively*

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