App of the week: Checkmark2, a utility app that’s brilliant for those who love making to-do lists

April 9, 2014
I must admit that there are some apps that promise productivity and organisation to my life that end up complicating things. It might be me – I prefer things in one spot, or on one page, even if they don’t match. For example, I might have work to-dos, along with a shopping list and must-remember numbers and addresses on the same document on my computer.
So when I read all the great reviews about Checkmark2, I thought it would be another app that everyone loves, but one which I just don’t get. But, this has worked for me, and within minutes of buying it ($2.99) I was quickly creating lists, adding locations and times.
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Optimised for iPhone and iOS7 (but still compatible with iPad and iPod Touch, Checklist2 is clean and easy to use. Aside from adding location (either from Maps or your current lcoation), you can add location groups (for example all the coffee shops with wifi in your area), and you can set general reminders for something that you do daily, weekly or even monthly. You can also make lists, and under each list add items to the list.

There are 13 notification sounds, and you can sync to iCloud. Once you’ve completed a task on your list, you can cross it off satisfactorily. Once you’ve finished off a scheduled event, you can either check it as “done” or “reschedule”

What the developers say:

All-new lists feature great for projects (school or work) or for simple lists (movies and food)

• Location Groups – create reminders for multiple locations at once, like for multiple grocery stores

• One-tap rescheduling (easily push a due date ahead by minutes, hours, or days in one tap)

• Recurring reminders are now customisable

• Date-specific location-based reminders

• New alert options – pick your favorite sound!

• iCloud support (data backed up in the cloud)


Powerful enough to manage projects, but perfect for everyday things, too.

• Super quick-entry: just type and hit “return” to continuously add tasks

• Use Headers to organize your list by category – great for managing projects or for complex shopping and packing lists

• Drag-and-drop to prioritize and reorder your list

– – – – – LOCATION-BASED REMINDERS – – – – – 

Create location-based reminders in only 3 taps!

• Add your favourite locations from a map, your contact list, or your current location

• Group multiple locations together – like 3 different grocery stores, and your reminder will go off if you arrive at any of the locations

• Add a timer to location-based reminders, so the alert goes off when you’re ready – like 15 minutes after you arrive home

• Setup date-specific location-based reminders – like: “Remind me to take out the trash when I get home from work on Thursday”

• View a list of all your tasks, sorted by distance

• Customize your location screen any way you like!

– – – – – – – TIME-BASED REMINDERS – – – – – – – 

Faster and easier than using a calendar!

• Create date and time-based reminders in seconds

• One-tap rescheduling makes it easy to move that reminder ahead by a few minutes, hours, or days

• Setup recurring reminders for things you need to do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom!

• Easily identify overdue tasks in the new Overdue section

See what’s coming up today, tomorrow, and in the next 7 days with a quick glance

My experience

I’m really finding Checkmark2 useful, and now have one place to collate my calendar and my to-dos, and very specifically too. As a list lover, it’s very useful, and I’ve pretty much “to-do’ed” my entire upcoming trip to Cape Town with my toddler.


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