Clevamama Oven Guard and Oven Lock – smart gadgets for little hands

April 24, 2014


I love the name Clevamama, but their products have my attention too. They’re new in South Africa and have some products that are smart and useful, and probably won’t end up on the “why did I buy that product?” shelf.

Clevamama is an award-winning, Irish owned and family run business started by two working moms and sisters, Martina Craine and Suzanne Browne. They wanted to make useful products, and in the process, have won a slew of business and products awards.

7100 Clevamama Transparent Oven Door Guard 4

Last month I wrote about the awesome Clevamemories memory box, and this time I’m featuring safety gadgets – the Transparent Oven Door Guard, and the Transparent Oven Door Lock. These, respectively, protect kids from either hot oven doors or from opening the oven, something I have never really given thought to. Yes, there are plug point and door protectors, but this is the first time I’ve seen gadgets that protect small hands from the literal boiling points in the home.

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The Clevamama Transparent Oven Guard helps protect little hands from scalds and burns. The guard reduces oven door heat by up to 50% thereby reducing the risk of injury. The transparent material also allows moms to see into the oven and is easy to clean. It’s easy to attach it to a metal or glass oven door as it has heat-resistant double-sided suction pads.

7100 Clevamama Transparent Oven Door Guard 3

The Guard can be used on its own, or together with the Oven Door Lock, which is a heat-resistant lock that prevents children from opening hot oven doors. It’s easy to attach too.

7104 Clevamama Oven Door Lock 2

Both products are available at Baby City, Toys R Us, Baby Boom and selected Checkers stores. The recommended retail price for the Clevamama Transparent Oven Door Guard is R494 and R52 for the Clevamama Oven Door Lock.

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