Samsung NX30 – a camera for those who know what they’re doing, and for those who don’t

May 8, 2014

I have a confession – a few weeks ago, when Samsung hosted an afternoon in Joburg where everyone was given an NX30 camera for the afternoon to snap with, I was so overwhelmed with all the features that I simply went along for the ride, without taking a camera or a single pic.

I had a bit of regret afterwards especially since everyone had great fun shooting and taking interesting and really good pics (see Sam’s pics on Techgirl, for example).

And I must say, when I got the camera for review, I sat, once again overwhelmed by all the features. But like the LEGO that I have lately been building with my son, I worked through the camera in stages and from the bottom up, I guess. And honestly, I haven’t explored everything yet, especially on the manual side with setting up ISO, aperture and shutter speed – I’ve pretty much used it on manual only, and simply played around with the filters and dozens of other fun stuff.

With the manual mode, and settings such as white balance, metering and Dynamic Range, this camera is suited for experienced photographers. I Googled some photographers’ reviews as I didn’t want to speak for them by saying it’s awesome for them, and from what I’ve read, they seem to rate the NX30 highly.

A quick look at the NX30:

  • Shoot in burst mode at up to 30 frames per second
  • Built-in wifi
  • 21 megapixel
  • “AutoShare” sends every picture you take instantly to your phone and GPS tags them
  • Shoots video in HD
  • Touchscreen controls
  • A swivel viewfinder that moves 180 degrees from side to side and 270 degrees up and down.

What I loved

Firstly, it’s light, so I can not only take a selfie without dropping the camera, but can take a pic with one hand (great for moms who might be carrying kids or nappy bags etc).

Despite there being so much on offer, it’s easy to use – you just need to either read a manual to see all the features, or work and experiment by going along, which is a fun part. I have about 40 pictures of my living room in different shapes, and filters, and even more of my dog and cat which I shot while they were moving, in continuous shooting mode.

Other things that are cool:

– Optical Image Stabilisation – to minimise camera shake

– Picture editing: adjust things like colour and exposure, retouch faces, reduce red eye, add filters

– Playback and editing of videos

– Photo Beam, which allows you to send photos to anyone – just tap the camera on any NFC-compatible smartphone to automatically share the picture that you’re currently viewing.

– Picture Wizard for adding different styles to your pics. These include standard, vivid, portrait, landscape, forest, retro, cool, calm and classic.

– Best Face Mode: The camera takes five consecutive pics of a person or people. The first photo is set as the background image, and you can choose the “best face” to put in the scene. (I found this one really useful when taking pics of my son, and works great I image with all babies and kids who might close their eyes or not respond well to the first shot)

– Action Freeze: To capture subjects moving at high speed

– Beauty Face: Capture a portrait with options to hide facial imperfections (best feature ever? Of any camera?)


My thoughts

Could I live without this camera? Yes I could. But after playing with it and seeing just some of its capacity, I am disappointed to not have it in my life full time. I believe I could take some amazing shots for this blog and for my personal use. I also think that with more time and experimenting with the manual functions, I could learn a lot more about photography, and take some outstanding pics.

I loved the ease of use, the photos, and the fact that I can edit, crop, add filters and share pictures on this one device. As a result, this is at the top of my gadget wishlist this year.

It costs around R11 999, so you need to be taking more than selfies and your coffee to justify the cost. That said, if you’re sharing it with your partner, or looking for a great camera that has wifi, with lots of bells and whistles, and can be used to good effect manually and automatically, then I’m sure you’ll find it worthwhile.





Playing around with one of the filters. PS: It’s really easy to take selfies with one hand because the camera is so light

The clarity of this picture reminded me that my dog needs a nail clipping - yikes!

The clarity of this picture reminded me that my dog needs a nail clipping – yikes!

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