Do you ever think of the environment when you buy baby products? Perhaps you should

May 20, 2014

They say that by the year 2030, we will need two planet earths if we continue to consume natural resources quicker than we can replenish them.

This is pretty scary, especially since our babies and children will inherit our earth, though this honestly isn’t meant to be a post to scare you or drive you into frantic action (though recycling and awareness are a massive help – there’s a great post here that I published a while ago on pragmatic ways to help).


Staggering environmental stats also get me thinking about what companies are doing to ease their carbon footprint and do their bit to help, and whether we should be supporting those who don’t support the planet. Especially when it comes to kids’ and baby products that claim to be “gentle” on our children – but are they as gentle on the environment as possible.

Johnson and Johnson, one of my blog partners, has quite a green and gentle approach when it comes to packaging and products, which includes:

– A Care to Recycle program that reminds people to recycle, and gives tips and tools to become a better recycler (while it’s mostly an American-focused site, there are some cool tips and resources on this “green” site)

– Constantly sourcing and formulating more environmentally friendly packaging (as seen in the newly released Baby Wipes, with economic packaging)

– Using post-consumed recycled content in some of their products

– The introduction of Earthwards products next year, which will each tick at least three boxes in terms of materials, packaging, energy, water, waste, innovation and social responsibility

Here’s a cute clip from Care to Recycle that Johnson’s Baby put together to remind us that recycling in even the smallest of spaces can make a massive difference.


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