Wakaberry offering new and better yoghurt recipe

May 26, 2014

Wakaberry has just introduced a new and improved yoghurt recipe, and it’s divine.

It’s lower in fat and carbohydrates now, and higher in calcium and protein, I’m told. It’s good to know too that Wakaberry is 100% real yoghurt, and unlike some other froyos, is not made from yoghurt powders or dehydrated yoghurt base ingredients.

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Since it’s real yoghurt and has gone through the authentic yoghurt fermentation process, it contains live and active cultures(which gives real yoghurt its tart taste) and high levels of live and active cultures, which are good for the immune and digestive systems.

On the flavour front, there are more than 50 Wakaberry flavours (rotated in store every week), and up to 48 toppings to choose from. There is also a sorbet range that includes mango, lemon and granadilla – all dairy and fat free.

Win a Wakaberry experience worth R10 000

Share your opinions on the new recipe at www.wakaberry.co.za and you could win an experience weekend worth R10 000. For more info, go to the website.


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  • Deidre

    This is si yummy. Love strawberry flavour

    May 26, 2014 at 6:53 am Reply
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