What makes for an amazing holiday kids’ club? #MostLoved

May 28, 2014

I was recently at Club Med Palmiye in Turkey, and as a parenting blogger and mom, one of my angles is naturally on the kids’ activities and facilities at the resort.

Read any review on the children’s facilities at any of the Club Med resorts and you’ll see they are among the best in the world. Now you’re probably thinking that all kids’ clubs are created equal, and that anywhere with child minders, some toys and a special menu make for a top spot for the juniors, but this isn’t the case.

I like to think of Club Med Mini Club as school, with routine, different daily activities and good guidance. But when you add dynamic and energetic staff, water, beach, ice cream, theatre shows, themed activities, sports such as trampolining and archery (for older ages), you have one cool school. The premises are huge, and at Palmiye there is also a kids’ dining room. I’ve seen kids’ facilities at other resorts where there are one or two pokey rooms for kids to watch TV or play with the odd toy, so I appreciate this “resort” within a resort.


On my four-year-old’s first day at the kids’ club, we arrived with other parents, and the music was playing, while babies, toddlers and preschoolers were dropped off into their respective areas. There was dancing, there were high fives and there were hugs, and I almost wanted to stay too, if there wasn’t the lure of the beach lounger and pool snack, that is.




Each day at Palmiye is structured, and every day there are different activities. Kids are divided by age group, and there are groups for babies and teens too. I’ve always found it interesting at Club Med that even though couples and groups come to the resorts without kids and are well catered for, children are also king here.

In the dining room you’ll find a corner with baby and toddler food and gadgets (microwave, bottle warmer, blender), and there are baby feeding rooms around the resort. You also don’t really need to bring anything but your baby and their clothes and nappies – the resort can provide everything from strollers and high chairs to camp cots and baths.


Here’s more to know:

– While most of the staff and activities are run in French, English is spoken too, so it won’t be too alien for your kids. I do feel that when not in season, and when there are fewer English kids, some things will be “lost” on them as French will always be the default language for the major activities.

– All staff is qualified, and have first-aid certification

– There is a pool for the kids with a lifeguard on duty

– There is a roster each day of activities for the different age groups

– Many of the activities take place in the resort, but never at the same time as the adults (for example, if the older kids learn archery, there won’t be adults there learning at the same time)

– There are regular kids’ shows, which the children rehearse for and take part in. There are also shows performed by the staff for the kids

– The Mini Club is open all day, and there’s a “Pyjama” slot at night if parents want to go out

– Kids can come and go as you and they wish – they don’t need to stay full day, nor do they need to be at the Mini Club first thing. You will need to sign your child up, and alert them to any food allergies, issues or instructions. At the babies’ club, they chart their feeds and sleeps etc.

– All kids who spend time at Mini Club receive certificates and medals



IMG_7228 IMG_2775Balance IMG_2771Balance




For more information on Club Med, and Club Med Palmiye, head to their website

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