How to sell your stuff on Gumtree – it’s a lot to do with your words and pics

When my son was a few months old and had outgrown some of his baby stuff, I tried selling them on Gumtree, along with some other unwanted gifts. Some stuff sold quickly, like a baby sling, while others didn’t, like a brand-new Baby Sense blanket, and a Treehouse carry cot.

These were great items and I always wondered no one wanted them – I mean, I thought I had portrayed them in a positive way. After about three days of having them online, I took them off, a bit hurt that no one wanted MY stuff. Could I have done anything different to get them sold? It turns out, I could have, like adding more pictures, keeping the ad up longer than a mere three days, and explained the products more, especially since a carry cot is not a well-known item. I also could have punted the Baby Sense and Treehouse brands a bit more, to make the products sound more attractive.

If you’re selling on Gumtree, and don’t want your ads to be dormant, here are some tips to help you clinch the deal, make some money, and spread happiness with your used or unwanted swag.


Be clear:
Most people search for services or items by using the search function, which initially searches the title of the ads. Keep this in mind when you’re writing up your ad.  Be very clear and concise about what your item or service is in the title field.  

Be descriptive:
Unlike other advertising mediums like magazines or newspapers, you can use as much text as you like in your ads – there’s no limit, but essays aren’t necessary.
Think of all the information someone might want to know about your item or service and put it in.

If looking for a tenant, make any requirements clear: 
To make it easier to get the right tenants interested in your property/room be clear about the size, the upfront costs, whether tenants need to be employed, the area and the local amenities. Be clear about when the property/room is available from and to.
Future tenants enjoy virtually experiencing the property/room, so use the picture allowance as much as possible.

Add pictures: 
You can include up to 9 pictures in your ad (even more in some categories). The more we can see, the more we get to know a product, trust the seller, andThis makes your ad much more appealing and sets it aside from other ads. If you are advertising property, cars, electronics or pets, buyers are more likely to view ads with pictures.
Ensure that your pictures are decent – try shoot items with the best-quality camera you can find, and rather take photos in good lighting. Watch your backgrounds too, and rather make sure a pic is “clean” than cluttered and busy.

Be friendly: 
Give your ads some personality. Nobody wants to read an ad that sounds like it’s been automatically generated by a robot.
Little details, like the story behind what you’re selling and touches of humour, make your ad more human and catch readers’ attention. Be careful not to make it too personal – no one wants to hear about your woes, or be put off by a product when you tell them how used it actually is.

Ensure that you have entered a price for your item or service.  We are not an auction site, so all ads require a price (except in Freebies).  If you are wanting offers, use the price field for your price region, and then state offers in your ad.
Contact information: 
If you are using phone as a contact method double check that you have inputted the number correctly.  You dont want to miss out on any enquiries owing to a typo.
If you are using an email contact method then make sure you stay on top of replies.  Buyers often get frustrated with no response from sellers. 

Don’t forget..

Do not hand over any items to a buyer until you are sure payment has been cleared if it’s being done via EFT. Make sure you meet your buyer in a safe area, preferably with someone around.

Once your item is sold, remove the ad from Gumtree.


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