Cool coloured laces to spruce up your kicks

June 3, 2014

How cool are these modular laces from U-Laces that allow you to customise your shoes, and add more colour and fun? They come in 20 colours, and the only rule with them is that there are no rules – you can mix and match as you want. Although there are only 20 colours here, overseas there are 42,  which translates to 9 trillion colour and pattern combinations (I didn’t do the maths on this one, trust me – this is what U-Lace has worked out). Imagine what I could do with my 27 pairs of Cons! (yes, I have a problem)


You need two packets for two shoes, and the laces fit most sneakers, as long as the eyelets are 0.32cm in diameter.

According to U-Lace, U-Lace, sneakers instantly become easy-on/easy-off slip-ons that never need to be tied again.  Also, skateboarders swear by U-Lace because the stretchy nature of the product allows the product to give and go during hard skating and tricks.

They cost just under R50 a pack, and can be reused when shoes are outgrown. They’re also straightforward to lace up too, and I’m sure older kids will have fun customised their kicks.

You can find U-Lace South Africa on their Facebook page, from where you can also buy the laces.


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