Good news for parents – Apple’s new IOS 8 safety feature

June 3, 2014

Even though you might have been expecting to hear about a new iPhone or drool-worthy product at Apple’s World Development Conference last night, they did announce something great for parents (and families), called Family Share.

It’s part of the new iOS 8, which will be available later this year, Family Share allows  families of up to six members to share purchased apps, photos, videos, calendars, and reminders. This is convenient as you can all share your content (like family pics and memos), but you can save money too as each app only needs to be bought once, as opposed to having the same app over various iTunes accounts.

So, everyone who is signed into the same Family Share account can buy apps and content on the one registered credit card. But fear not – your child needs to get permission before buying music, apps and Angry Birds. If a flagged user tries to buy something, a pop-up notification arrives on the device of the person to whom the credit card is registered. This means that not only can parents control their wallet, but they can also see what content their child is looking at, and buying.

Until now, it’s been quite easy for kids to buy apps and make in-app purchases, assuming they know their parents’ password, or are buying soon after their parents have bought something. Earlier this year, Apple had to refund more than than $32 million to people whose children had accidentally made in-app purchases.



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