App of the week (and one of the most visually superb I’ve ever seen): Monster Moogle

June 5, 2014
Monster Moogle ($1.99 on iTunes for iPad) is probably the kids’ app that has excited me the most this year. Firstly, it was developed in South Africa, secondly, it was developed by a woman, and thirdly, it’s perhaps the most beautiful, fun and quirky app I’ve seen in ages.

And it turns out I’m not the only person loving it. Last week Monster Moogle won a silver award from Moms Choice Awards, an organisation that recognises and promotes excellence in quality products from all over the world. The app is now part of the Mom’s Choice Awards Honorees, named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services. I did an interview with the developer Daniella Orkin, which was featured on Tech Girl here.

Monster Moogle is an interactive storybook and “monster” collage maker so that kids can create their own stories,. There’s an underlying message that monsters are “fiction”, and the story is narrated by a dog called Butch, who tells kids what people think monsters are.

What the developers say:

“Monster Moogle develops creative thinking, artistic ability and skill in children. This app has an interactive storybook and collage maker that inspires kids to engage with their imagination by creating unique characters and short stories. 

1) STORY MODE: The book is narrated by Butch, the bulldog puppy. Follow Butch on a magical journey where you’ll meet with fantastical monster friends. 

2)INTERACTIVE STORY: Explore the world in which the monsters exist. Read the story and discover hidden animations and sound effects on all the new pages. 

3) CHARACTERS: Meet all the story’s characters, and learn more about them. Take a closer look to see what they are made of. Maybe they can inspire you!

4) COLLAGE MAKER: Let your imagination run wild and create your own monsters using this fun easy-to-use tool.

The following skills will be enhanced through Monster Moogle: 

-Aimed at the level of a 5 year old (Minimum). 

-Everything is based on enhancing imagination. 

-Create your own characters. 

-Learn about fear and the power of enhancing a positive imagination. 

-Enjoy, laugh and be happy with the new world you have created. Show it to everyone! 


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 My experience

The app is suited for primary-school kids, and while it might be fun for a bit to play with it with younger kids, I think the app while will mostly be lost on them.

It took quite a long time to download, and I had to restart my iPad after installation, which is what the developers recommend from the onset. It also took a while for the the different options to load for the first time, but after that, things moved quickly. At first, I found it quite overwhelming – in a good way – because there is so much on offer, and it’s an app that’s interactive, inspires creativity and imagination, and gets kids using some reading and art skills.

It has no in-app purchases, scores or grading systems, and you can choose to have music on or off. I like that after kids have made their awesome and off-the-wall creations, these can then be saved onto a photo gallery. They’ve also added social sharing options, so you can post your cool pic to social media.

I love too that parents can get involved with the app and have fun, and that it’s so quirky. Kids might not get all the clever humour, but it still has so much for them.






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  • Steven Bayhack

    Great Review. The latest update does include the ability to share your creations via email, message, Facebook, Twitter and airdrop.

    June 6, 2014 at 9:13 am Reply
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