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June 13, 2014


If you want food for your babies and toddlers that doesn’t come from a jar, that is absolutely free from salt, sugar,additives and preservatives, and that tastes good,  but you don’t have the time or inclination to make it, then you might be interested in Baby Tastes and Toddler Tastes. It’s a company in Gauteng (sorry other provinces) that makes and distributes purees, solids, starter foods and baby and toddler meals, and is essentially mother’s (and dad’s) little helper and feeder.

The business was started by mom and chef Vanessa Simcock, who saw a gap in the market for 100 percent natural, tasty and textured food.

What’s clever is that you can move from stage to stage with their food on Baby Tastes, and you’ll even get feeding tips and a meal planner to help you along – many know how confusing it can be in the beginning when you’re asking yourself what/when/how to feed your baby. The categories include Frooties (fruit purees such as apple, apple and prune, apple, blueberry and peach), Tweenies (veg purees), Dinkies (veg, legume and cheese purees), Tots (protein and veg mixes) and Spinkies (more “grownup” protein and veg purees).

BT trays stack BT chillin in the freezer tray no background toddler tastes packaging



On Toddler Tastes, you’ll find 17 toddler meals such as tuna pasta, broccoli and fish pie, vegetable lasagne, chicken gratin and fish casserole. Each meal is attached to a name, which is very cute, for example Zara’s Zesty Chicken Casserole with brown rice. I was chuffed to find a meal with my son’s name – Max’s Marvellous Macaroni Cheese, and it was one of the meals that Toddler Tastes cleverly sent me to try. Max loved it, and not just because of the shared name.






All the food is cooked and frozen in tamper-proof trays (with re-sealable lids), so when you’re ready you can defrost and pop in the microwave to heat. The meals start at R26 each, and a tray of 12 baby foods is around R38 (each cube is about 20g/20ml).

Click here for stockist info in and around Joburg, and delivery details too.

But wait, there’s more…

The company also offers a catering service for grownups, plus home-cooked meals too. Check out Exquisite Tastes for more info.


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  • Tidi

    I have been thinking about how the journey is going to be in feeding my little Phoebe her first meals as she is now approaching fast (though only yesterday she was born!) And that has scared me as to how do I go about it. Have you any idea what this has done to my world….to find out that I am able to find such food is AMAZING. Thank you sooo much

    June 17, 2014 at 10:22 am Reply
  • Baby Tastes

    Tidi, congratulations on the birth of little Phoebe! We are here to assist all our super-moms in their journey into the wonderful world of solids and ensuring they give their little ones the best start in their life-long relationship with food.

    June 26, 2014 at 7:59 am Reply
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