An “oldie” that’s a real goodie – the Johnson’s Baby No More Tears trademark is 55 years old!

June 18, 2014

There’s not a lot I remember from my preschool days, aside from sleepovers at my grandparents, my Barbie ice cream cake for my fourth birthday party, and then having my older brother hide the Barbie from me and threatening to never give it back (there were lots of tears).

And speaking of no tears, I can also remember the large golden yellow bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo that sat in the corner of our bath, and which I believed would give me blonde hair. While it never gave me blonde hair, it also never gave me tears, and I think I had a very non-traumatic and painless time in the bath as a baby and toddler.

I was quite surprised to read that Johnson’s No More Tears trademark is 55 years old, and was even around when my parents were toddlers, offering safe, mild and gentle body and hair washing. I mean, I know Johnson’s Baby is an old (and wise) brand, I just would have imagined that the revolutionary “no more tears” formulation would have sprung up much later.

And why is extra protection needed for babies? Well, aside from the fact that products in a baby’s eye hurt a lot, babies blink four times less than adults. They have an average of 2-5 blinks a minute, compared with adults’ 12-20 blinks a minute.

This is because a baby’s blink reflex is not fully developed at birth, and they are therefore aren’t as good as adults in  keeping eyes moist, or shielding it from irritants. And if I think of the pain when I get shampoo in my eyes, I pain even further to think what babies must go through.

The Johnson’s teardrop on its products indicate that each product has been clinically tested for mildness and safety, and is as gentle on babies’ eyes as pure water. Products with the No More Tears formula include:

  • Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Wash
  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
  • Johnson’s Baby Wipes
  • Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath
  • Soft and Shiny haircare range (shampoo, conditioner and easy-comb spray)




Bedtime Bath 550ml jetpack IMG_7776 sml Shampoo 200ml new


Top to Toe 300ml (644x1024) SoftShiny range with icons



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  • Tidi

    Iyoh here I was also thinking that No More Tears is still a baby in the J&J product range?!!!!!!!?????

    June 18, 2014 at 11:33 am Reply
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