The best place to sell your clutter or used items for cash

June 23, 2014

At any time, I can go through my cupboards and find stuff I no longer need – or use. From the jeans that don’t fit, to the leather boots that don’t suit me, to the baby car seat, pram and cot.

While I give stuff away, many of my things are sellable, so sometimes it’s worth making the effort to sell the unwanted stuff so that I can pay for a new pair of boots, or a pair of designer jeans that fit.

If you’re looking to clear out your clutter, and make some extra cash to pay for your own new shoes, spa treatment or new toys for your kids, here’s how to sell your stuff without the shlepp (promise).

1. Decide what you need to sell (this is sometimes obvious, other times not).

2. Go to Gumtree, the largest online selling and buying platform in SA, and click the “Post Free Ad” tab at the top of any Gumtree page.

3. Choose the region in which you are selling.

4. Choose the category for your product, for example Baby and Kids, and Fashion.

5. Enter a title, price (if applicable), and description. You have the option of uploading up to four photos (and 10 photos in housing and cars categories) and entering your address (you can just put a nearby intersection or your postal code if you want). You also have the option to feature your ad in a few different ways in order to get more exposure, for a fee.

6. Enter your email address and click the “Post Your Ad” button.

7 Check your email for a message from Gumtree. Click the “Activate your Ad” link in that email and your ad will appear on the site.


For tips on how to best sell your product on Gumtree, see my previous post here.


This is a sponsored post for Gumtree

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