Huggies launches new wipes, made with “3 layers of clean”

June 23, 2014

In addition to the new Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls nappies with a soft DryTouch liner that were launched a few months ago, the brand has also introduced a new range of baby wipes.

I must be honest – I usually buy wipes based on what’s the cheapest, or what’s on special at DisChem. I mean, a wipe is more or less a wipe, right?Well, after trying these, I’m sold. These feel way more pliable than most wipes I’ve tried. Apparently the new wipes have three layers, made from a unique material called Coform; a cotton-like material which makes the wipes thick, soft and absorbent. These new Huggies baby wipes are set apart from the rest as they are the only wipes on the market made in this way, and from this cotton-like material.


The wipes are available at major retailers and come in three variants; Huggies Newborn – suitable for newborn delicate skin and baby’s with sensitive skin; Huggies Natural Care with Aloe & Vitamin E, to help protect baby’s skin naturally, and Huggies Simply Clean with Cucumber fragrance for everyday cleaning and freshness.

20885 Huggies PURE wipes 64's pack shots 3D high res
20885 Huggies SIMPLY CLEAN wipes 3D 72's pack shots High res 20885  Huggies Natural care wipes 64 3D pack shots high res
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