Do you need a device and app that measure your blood pressure at home?

June 23, 2014

I can think of 100 devices I *need* or want before a blood pressure monitor, but I was still curious to try out the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor for fun, for interest sake, and oh right, to check my blood pressure. I used to have low blood pressure, and then I once had high blood pressure, so I was keen to see, plus I was assured that the app attached to the device would advise me on the readings, so that I wouldn’t be left to work out for myself whether 120 over 90 was good or bad.

For starters, you’ll need an iPhone 4S or higher, or an iPad or iPod Touch to hook up to the monitor, and you’ll need to download the free Withings Healthmate app. Once you’ve plugged it into your device, you follow the instructions and put the strap around your arm. It’s much like a blood pressure test at the doctor – the strap “squeezes”, and then releases, and a measurement is recorded.

At the end of the measurement, the full results, including the Systole, Diastole and BPM, are saved on your iOS device, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating your health overview from day to day.


photo 1

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My two readings in the same day were a bit different as the second time round I was sitting and relaxed. For the first measurement, I was standing and in a rush.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your measurements mean – on the app you can see the low, normal and high ranges, so you’ll be able to know what your blood pressure is.


You can share your results with your doctor. Push a button in the Withings App to send a recap email and seek professional advice. However, you would need to know a dcotor using the app to share with.


The bottom line

I had fun with the device and it gave me good insight into my blood pressure and resting heart rate. If I saw consistent high blood pressure readings, I would definitely seek help. Can I do without the device? Yes. While it was a useful tool, I don’t see myself in the high blood pressure category, so I’m not sure how it would help me having my own device.

Available from R1 955 from Orange Online Store
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