A car ad that might make you rethink everything #5YearPlan

July 15, 2014

Aside from trying to ensure my car is safe for me and my son (and his besties), another priority is to not go bankrupt while I service my car. My car has been in for repair five times this year, and if I wasn’t on a maintenance plan, I’d be in for a bad ride. Already my maintenance plan over the years could have bought a small car.

Anyway, I came across this interesting ad by Peugeot’s #5YearPlan, which got me thinking that maybe I’ve been taken for a ride by my dealership all these years, having to top up each two years or so on my maintenance plan.

Have a look and see what I mean. There’s a clever twist at the end, so make sure you watch until then.

Peugeot is offering a FIVEYEAR maintenance plan for free with all Peugeot purchases. If like me, you’re unclear of the difference between service and maintenance plans, a maintenance plan means that all your services and replacement parts are covered (only excluding tyres and fuel).

For the money I’d save on maintenance plans, I’d buy more lipstick, sneakers and Lego. And put cash into my bond. Like the responsible adult I try to be. What you would buy for yourself and your kidlets with all the money you’d save?

Peugeot 5 year plan

Click HERE to apply for your five-year Peugeot plan.

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