Win a Spindel laundry spinner worth R1 599

Last year I reviewed a Spindel laundry spinner, and raved about how quick and easy it was to use. I continue to recommend it for those with no tumble driers, and especially when it rains and there’s no space for a family’s clothes horses around the house.

This week, I’m giving away a Spindel worth R1 599, to make your lives easier, and leave you high and dry (in the good sense, obviously).

A finalist in the 2013 Fairlady Consumer Awards, the Spindel uses spin power instead of heat to remove up to 80% of the leftover moisture from garments in just three minutes so that laundry dries in a fraction of the time. It also uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying and is safe for all fabrics, even delicate wools.

Here’s a little bit more about it:


Spindel is available at selected appliance stores at a recommended retail price of R 1 599 with a 12 month warranty. For more information please visit

To enter to win

Simply comment below, and your name will go into a draw. The giveaway closes on Friday 25 July at 9am, after which the winner will be announced on the Rattle and Mum Facebook page, and emailed. The giveaway is open to South African residents only.

For an extra entry, tweet the following link too.

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  1. Spindel would be very handy to have at home in the next few months with a baby due in October. Plenty washing (and drying) ahead! Thanks.

  2. Would Love to win this because I don’t have a tumble dryer and especially when it rains & it’s to cold & the washing takes forever to dry. Awesome competition. With Warm Regards, Best Wishes and Sincere Gratitude From Kim.

  3. So Badly need to win this with a new baby on the way and a 3 year old who likes to wear atleast 3 outfits a day:) I also wont have to take a 2nd bond just to afford to run my tumble dryer:)

  4. I have been eyeing and going goo goo gaa gaa over the spindle fro months now. Only if I could win it, then my 8 year old son wouldn’t have to say anymore, “mummy are you leaving the laundry out again at night to dry….better no one steals it!”
    I really envy those with such things, they make life so much easier especially for working mums with small children and little help around the house with chores

  5. Me, me, me!! This may sound like an exaggeration, but a Spindel would change my life. My living room looks like a laundry. I feel like the mountain never gets smaller. Fingers and toes crossed for this one!

  6. This would have come in so handy this weekend. Even if I don’t win, need to get one of these soon with another baby on the way and laundry not drying in this winter weather. πŸ™‚

    Tweeted as well (KimMul01)

  7. My mum has always wanted one of these and I’d love to win it and present it to her. She would be really chuffed!

  8. Wow I would love to win this at the moment I hav clothes just hanging every where in my house on hangers over anything that has a hook it will stay on hahaha

  9. This is a winter essential!! I would LOVE to be the lucky winner of this wonderful creation!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. This will really help with washing time. Plus we have been putting in methods at home to save electricity and teaching this to the kids, so this will be great and help us save electricity further.

  11. would love to get this, especially with a small kid it comes really handy during the winter months and rainy season

  12. Looks like an asset to any home!!! I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed! xxx

  13. The combination of unpredictable winter weather in cape town, the increase in electricity and the never ending loads of baby laundry…Spindel would be such huge help in my home! I soooo need this.

  14. I would love to win the spindel. My one friend has one and she said its a must have. WIth my bday coming up tomorrow this would just be awesome to win. I do washing every single day. It just never ends with my kids always dressing. And it just doesnt dry in this weather. And guess what im doing now…. DOING WASHING. I really, really, REALLY need and want a SPINDEL in my life. <3 πŸ˜‰ Holding thumbs.

  15. I have been trying to get my hands on a spindel for ages now, something always comes up so I never have the money to purchase it. I would love to win this, it would do a world of wonder for my laundry time.

  16. This would be awesome especailly with two boys in school and a two year old, the washing in this Cape Town weather never dries.

  17. This woud be awesome so I can stop having to carry the clothes horse in and out of the house.. sometimes three or four times for the day when the sun comes out and then it starts raining again so back into the house and so it goes on….

  18. I would love one of these we had a dry buddy but with 3 kids it eventually gave up the ghost and we have no where to put a tumble dryer so end up stringing clothes across our living room

  19. My parents had something very similar any years ago but it was a manual spin. It worked so well. I have been looking for something like this for so long now and would love to win one!

  20. The best for a single working mom. Will save lots of time, power and effort. More time for yourself and the kids.

  21. Just had our first baby and the laundary has massively increased! In desperate need of a spindal to survive the wet Cape winter.

  22. a mom, student and have a job that is very demanding. This would really help out a lot in my weekly loads since it is so quick and easy to use! My five month old baby’s clothes take up most of the space when I do laundry and this results in there not being much space to rack the clothes since we love in a fourth floor apartment. This would help tremendously! Hoping to win it so badly

    Shared: @Beydaisy on twitter!

  23. This would be awesome to use with my cloth diapers & baby’s clothes! Cape Town winters are not laundry or CD friendly. Lol. Shared on Twitter (@merrimommy)

  24. This is one Awsome Prize that could really come in HANDY, seeing that i have no carport or laundry in my complex.

  25. I really would love to win this! We’re moving into our new 2 bedroom place and there is no space for a tumble drier in the kitchen. This would really help us save time, money and space!

  26. perfect…will be great for those Sunday night school uniform you forgot to wash.. πŸ™‚

  27. that would be the best for me to win!! iusually have to wake up 2-3 hours earlier when i wash nappies and because my hubby is at sea mopst of the year i am soo sleep deprived but this will help me soo much!!! hope to win this!!

  28. Awesome, could definitely do with a spindel for those rainy days and for those days when my baba runs out of clothes

  29. I’ve seen this advertised so many times and I’ve always been keen to try it out! Tweeted @sorbet_072 πŸ˜€

  30. Winning one of these would make life of a Single Mom so much easier…especially during the long winter months…

  31. Balancing work and being a mom can be a challenge. Coming home late and having to wash the little ones school uniform can be a bit tricky but with the Spindel laundry spinner I think it will lighten up the load. Tweeted @XhosaCliqs πŸ™‚

  32. I like nature. I like moonlight nights. I like preparing food and leisure. A perfect day is when I wake up early and still receive breakfast in bed. I do not like washing and I repeat; I do not like washing and even less, wet laundry. a Spindel laundry spinner will fit me perfectly! THANKS!

  33. we would all love to same time and money when it comes to the woes of laundry, a Spindle is the perfect solution