Hats off to this smart device to help with breastfeeding

August 25, 2014

I obviously don’t know where you were or will be on the breastfeeding spectrum – whether it was easy, whether your baby latched properly, whether you had cracked nipples, or whether your milk supply was okay.

What I do know is that sometimes it isn’t easy, and that sometimes there are things that make it more challenging, like flat or inverted nipples (PS: I think this is about the third time on this site I’ve ever used the word nipple!). Inverted nipples mean that instead of them pointing upwards, they’re retracted into the breast, which could compromise breastfeeding, and make it difficult for baby.

And this is where the Philips AVENT Niplette saves the day! While it might look like a weird medicine spoon, it helps hugely with breastfeeding. Through gentle suction, controlled by the mom, the Niplette pulls the nipples out, allowing them to stay erect.


Women can use the Niplette to correct their inverted nipples before pregnancy (day and night) and during pregnancy (but not in the last trimester). Moms can also use the Niplette a few days after birth for a few minutes before breastfeeding, to draw the nipple out before positioning baby.

The Philips AVENT Niplette is available  is available at Baby City at a recommended selling price of R1 311.49.

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