What product do you really need to keep your baby’s head supported?

September 1, 2014

Until researching car seat support, I honestly thought that babies’ car seats had sufficient seat support to prevent them from waking up when sleeping, and to avoid the discomfort of their little heads lolling back and forth. And yes, that’s part of it – a car seat support is meant to give baby’s neck muscles stability, while keeping baby comfortable.

However, there’s also a condition called Flat Head Syndrome, when a baby’s head becomes flattened owing to pressure on one spot, which may be linked to prolonged sitting in a car seat.

The Clevamama Car Seat Support not only reduces the risks and effects of Flat Head Syndrome as it has ClevaFoam inside, which reduces the pressure on baby’s head by 50%, and also provides 80% more support (all clinically proven, not hearsay). The Clevamama Car Seat Support surrounds baby’s head, shoulders and torso for comfort and support, while protecting the round shape of baby’s head.
7232 Car Seat Support - with 2 Strap Covers 3D

It also has two padded harness straps for extra comfort and increased snugness, is made from super-soft fabric and is suitable for all babies including preemies.

The Clevamama Car Seat Support is available at Baby City at a recommended retail price of R362-90.

7232 Car Seat Support - with 2 Strap Covers 2


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