This is what I’d like to spend all my spare cash on (and it’s not shoes or lipstick)

September 4, 2014

Do you ever see something on someone else, and not only want it, but *need* it? This is how I felt a few weeks ago when I saw fellow mom bloggers Kathy and Nikki and their bracelets from Romeo Foxtrot.

This is the picture that gave me FOMO:


Wanting an upper hand too, I asked a few questions, and found out that their bracelets come from Rouxmia Bougas of Romeo Foxtrot, a Capetonian who makes stunning pieces, and is currently working on a new range especially for moms (watch this space – FOMO won’t let me be without something from it).

Rouxmia and I have been chatting online a bit, and I’ve become that person who likes every picture she posts onto Facebook or Instagram. Rouxmia will be giving away some gorgeous jewellery on this site next week, but in the meantime she’s shared a bit about herself and her jewellery.


My designs are hand made with my own 2 little hands, I put a lot of love into it and I hope that it makes a lot of woman and girls smile! A lot of my charms and goodies are imported, which makes it pretty much exclusive. I make customiaed jewellery on request because I hate saying I can’t do something! I love the challenge and it keeps my head creative!

Gold Feather Wrap (2)

I started my jewellery line by accident. I was working in the corporate world, a normal 9 to 5 job and it didn’t really get me to be creative! I started becoming very sad and bored and one night I came across some gems and pendants and started playing around. I posted an image on Facebook and the orders just streamed in unexpectedly. My first order was from a guy in Australia and then Joburg and then all over! I now only ship in South Africa and the UK, but I’m hoping to expand soon.

Hook & Leather (26)

Since my name has an x in it, some people cant pronounce it so one night a guy called me Romeo Foxtrot. When I was sitting thinking of a name, that came to me and it was catchy! In the navy it apparently means “Run like f***” and I thought it was funny. So it stuck!

A lot of people asked me where I studied jewellery design, but I didn’t study anything at all – I just have a bomb of creativity inside of me. I see a gem or a pendant and I am like “I have to make that!” Then I go home and play for hours on end with my furkids running all over me. I love my cats and that is why I have so many cat designs. And yes, I make each and every piece by myself.

Romeo Foxtrot Big Heart Bracelet (11)

I do EVERYTHING by myself – my own marketing, deliveries, postage, social media, production, packaging, printing, distributing, sponsoring. I am a one-man show, which a lot of my friend and family cant understand. They always tell me to hire someone to make the bracelets, but I love making them myself. It is the best stress release in the world and I am so happy sitting with my tongs and beading tray. But I will have to make a plan soon, since I hardly have a social life and I don’t sleep very much anymore.

Wear (72)

My aim is to create jewellery and accessories that are affordable and fun. My most expensive piece today for Romeo Foxtrot is R180 and I try to keep it that way. Some of us spend all our money on kids and groceries and bills. I would like to be that jewellery line that you can afford every now and then when you want to spoil yourself. I want to make everyone feel special. My jewellery is made with so much love, that I hope everyone who wears it, feels it and know that they are special.


I stock a variety of shops all over Cape Town, including Wellness Warehouse, Nap Living, Crown and Glory, Petticoat Parlor and a few more, but it’s just a selection!

Romeo Foxtrot Designs Angel Wing Necklace (6)

I recently started Romeo Foxtrot Studio where I specialise in teaching groups of young girls aged between 6 and 14 to make their own jewellery. I send out design packages that the group of girls purchase and I then pop up at your home with millions of colours, charms and a good 2-4 hours of fun, where your kids can create bracelets and necklaces with your besties and they also get to keep their creations! I of course assist by getting it perfect with them and making it a fun an memorable event.

If you want to invite me to your office for a bling party or to your home for a pop up shop, please feel free to book with me! I do give a gift baggy of bling to the organiser, of course!

I also run a monthly competition on Instagram #romeofoxtrotwin
When you wear my bling please TAG me! I choose my four favorite customer photos each week and then at the end of each month I select a winner who gets one of my latest designs for free! If I don’t feature your photo its probably because you filter it too much and I don’t do filters on my timeline (just a tip)

You can call Roux at 082 381 4439 or email her here

Don’t forget to look out for the Romeo Foxtrot giveaway coming soon!

Romeo Foxtrot Designs Suede String Bracelet (23)
Wear (74)
Wear (76)
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