Worth knowing more about: Buzz drama, dance and singing workshops for kids

October 2, 2014

Last week I took to my son to a Buzz drama, dance and singing workshop (the first one is free for everyone), and I was blown away by a) the originality of the workshop, b) the dynamic and engaging teachers, and c) the fun that the kids had.

Buzz is neither a drama class nor a singing lesson, but rather an hour that encompasses drama, singing and dancing. There are no books or boards, but rather trained actor-teachers who facilitate the sessions with movement, singing, music, chatting and acting.


As I learnt on the day, Buzz is suited for any child between the ages of five and nine, whether they are the next Beyonce, or just love movement. There’s a great mix of kids, and everyone finds a place there, regardless of their dance skills or confidence levels. In fact, I met a mom at the class who started sending her son to Buzz to boost his confidence and lift his engagement skills a bit, both of which soared, she told me.


Each workshop will have a high-energy warm-up, fun physical games, dance, singing (all songs are original Buzz songs), improvisational games, and creative play. Each aspect of the workshop is there for a reason – either to provide fun, or to promote coordination, or to develop confidence. There is a different theme every term, each with its own songs and characters – currently it’s Outer Space.


Workshops take place from Monday to Saturday, with two classes a day: 2.30pm and 3.3opm on weekdays, and 10am and 11.15am on Saturdays. Suburbs where workshops take place include Roosevelt Park (Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre), Fourways (Norscot Manor), Bedfordview (Art on 1), Parktown North (Parktown North Methodist Church), Sandringham (Jabula Recreation Centre), Sandton (Field and Study Centre), Honeydew (The Dance Studio) and Rosebank (The Dance Junxion). You can find detailed venue info on their website.

Buzz also runs holiday courses for two hours a day, and themed birthday parties.

IMG_3178 IMG_3296

A set of 10 classes costs R1100.


To book your first free class, or for any information, call 011 025 2525, or email them.






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