Looking for new or great apps? One mom shares her best

October 15, 2014

Some of my best apps come from others’ recommendations, and this week’s come from Anne Rametsi, a translator, interpreter and lecturer who moved from France to South Africa 11 years ago. Anne is also mom to two-and-a-half-year-old Neo, and describes herself as a geek in her spare time.


Each submission for this app series will receive a R200 iTunes voucher courtesy iStore and iParent, so that you can treat yourself – and your kids – to cool iOS apps and music from iTunes. You can also buy your iTunes vouchers from iStores, and iStores online.

If you’d like to share your best apps, please email me.

 Anne’s favourites

My best apps are…

Definitely Mailbox which is the best mail app I could find on the market. Its aim is to help you keep your mailbox empty and it surely does the job. Feedly is another one of my favourites as it allows me to be informed about the latest posts on my favourite blogs and to organise them the way I want.

Finally, Facetime has become the app I use the most. It’s an easy way for my French family and my husband (who works abroad) to see my son and interact with him despite the distance. Its advantage is that it’s much more reliable than Skype.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.06.04 PM

My best utility apps are…

I love 2Do: a great way to organise both my professional and personal life and make sure that I never forget anything when I’m going on holidays – I’m a bit of a list freak… It also synchronises with my iPad and iMac.

Beside this, I would say ShopShop, which allows me to update my shopping list. I can decide to go shopping at the last minute without spending too much time remembering what we need. Of course, as a translator, any new dictionary on any topic has to be downloaded (anatomy, atlas, wine making… you name it, I surely have it).

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.13.59 PM

My best photo editing apps are…

iPhoto. Though, to be honest, I don’t edit pictures much: if they’re good, fantastic! If they’re not, delete!

My best social apps are…

Facebook and Whatsapp. However, I think Facebook could really improve its app as I sometimes find that there is a great difference between what I can see on my desktop and what I can see on my phone and iPad. Whatsapp has one single advantage: it works on all platforms.

My best entertainment apps are…

All the French news apps. It’s a way for me to know what is happening in my birth country and to not feel like an outsider when I attend a gathering back home. I also enjoy playing Farm Heroes Saga, and the Kindle app is the best to be able to read in bed while lying down and not worry about falling asleep in the middle of a chapter.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.09.50 PM

My kid’s best apps are…

Any app made by Toca Boca or Sago mini. Neo loves being a vet in the Pet doctor and designing monsters in Sago mini monsters.

If I was looking for directions or lost, the app I’d use is…

City Maps 2Go because you can download maps. So it works even without 3G access!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.18.49 PM

I wish they would develop an app that…

Forces me to go to bed at night. Alarms are not enough.

The one app I couldn’t do without is…

Facetime, for sure.

I find out about new apps…

By browsing the app store and searching the internet. When I want an app that does something, I just Google it.


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