A cookbook that begs you to bake (plus it has a really cool story attached to it)

October 16, 2014

I love baking, and I love good causes (especially when they involve moms or kids), so featuring the cookbook Best Bakes (or the Afrikaans version, Beste Gebak) was a no-brainer.

Best Bakes (available from R194.95 at bookstores) not only has sensational recipes for dishes and bakes from South Africa and around the world, but a percentage of the book’s profits is donated to the Clover Mama Afrika project.

Clover Mama Afrika is a national, social upliftment project that helps communities by empowering the Mamas. This sounds a bit like PR speak, but basically, it’s a project run by mamas who teach other mamas to become self sustaining, and help themselves and others. The mamas are taught practical skills that can be used to run businesses – whether it’s baking, sewing, food gardening, curio making, hairdressing etc.

They’ve done some unbelievable work and project (read more about them here), and it’s so worth supporting them through this cookbook, or any other way you can, like buying their gorgeous quilts and crafts online.

 See what they’re up to on Facebook and Twitter, and for more from the cookbook, scroll down Warning: Do not look at the pics when you’re hungry, or if you have a sweet tooth.

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  • Tertia Burns

    Those look amazing…. Yummy!

    October 16, 2014 at 6:12 am Reply
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