Understanding the “science” of babies eyes will help you understand what products to use

October 24, 2014

One of my most dog-eared pages in my copy of What To Expect The First Year were the ones relating to my baby’s eyes. I had loads of questions and even more concerns about my son’s eyes – when they were pink, when his tear ducts seems blocked, when there was pus, or how to clean his eyes properly.

I learnt by reading, some trial and error, and tears too (from me and my baby). To save you some tears, I put together some facts so that you can better understand how your baby’s eyes work, how best to take care of them, and what products you should be avoiding as a result.

– A baby’s tear reflex and tear ducts are not fully developed at birth and they also blink less often than adults do. This makes a baby less able to rinse irritants out of her eyes with natural tears.

– Babies also rub their eyes frequently and do not always close them when a product is being rinsed off, which increases the possibility of product entering their eyes.

– Babies don’t blink nearly as much adults do. During the first year, babies blink two to five times per minute while adults blink 12 to 20 times per minute. Since their blink reflex is still developing, they might not be able to protect their eyes from irritants or accidental splashes.

– A baby’s tear ducts complete development just after birth and although tearing may be present at birth, the tearing function continues to develop throughout the first four weeks of life.


With baby’s sensitive eyes in mind, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo was the first specially formulated product to be as mild to a baby’s eyes as pure water. Their No More Tears formula is mild and safe for baby’s eyes, so that if product does get into their eyes, there’s no stinging, burning or pain. Each product that carries this trademark has passed rigorous and comprehensive evaluation to ensure its safety and mildness in the case of accidental splashes.

TBP - Bedtime Bath 550ml (Jul 2014) (342x640)


The No More Tears icon can be found on Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Wash, Shampoo, Wipes and Bedtime Bath.

TBP - Johnson's baby shampoo_300ml (Jul 2014) (310x640) TBP - TTT 550ml (Jul 2014) (321x640) (2)Shampoo Detangling_200ml Shampoo Lavender_200ml
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