iPhone 6 – the features that will matter to you (moms and women) most

November 4, 2014

Though I could, I’m not going to write on and on and on about how brilliant the new iPhone 6 is, or how just when I thought my dream phone was my blue 5C, along came the 6 to show me what new dreams really are made of.

And though I could, I’m not going to write on and on and on about how good the 6 feels in hand, and how much people are raving about how slick and pretty it looks. Rather, this post is about the great features I think are relevant to you, and the ones I think you’ll love, without getting bogged down by numbers and jargon.

Size matters

The iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches in size, and 6.9mm thin. After the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s the biggest iPhone, and while many women have worried or commented that it might be too big for them, I don’t think it is. It’s not a phablet for those who are worried, nor is it as big as some of the other smartphones out there.

I was a bit worried too, as I rely on one-handed typing and control, especially when I’m running and tweeting or taking pics, or emailing on the go. But it’s a great size, and I’m still able to do everything with one hand (I think I have average-sized hands).

Here’s how it fits:


 Picture perfect

The iPhone 6 has an improved camera (8MP iSight to be exact) so that your pics will likely look better. There’s also a time-lapse option so that you can take some great videos of your kids.

There’s also image stabilisation for shaky hands.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 12.18.19 PM IMG_6289

On display

Things like pictures, videos and websites look better on the phone via Retina HD

Longer lasting

The phone has a better battery… I don’t think I need to tell you the benefits of this.

Speed queen

The phone has faster LTE speeds, so when you’re connected to wifi, things will be quick – whether you’re posting pics to Facebook, or searching for directions.

Nice handiwork

The redesigned power button is on the side and not on the top, and therefore easier to reach.

Double time

When you double tap the home button, the display moves down, making it easy to reach with one hand.


You can opt to use Touch ID, so that our phone can only be unlocked with your fingerprint (great if you don’t want your kids accessing your phone).

Sensational selfies

iPhone 6 has an updated front-facing camera that takes “burst” selfies, so you can pick the picture where you look the best.

C1761 iStore iPhone the power of 63

The iPhone 6 is available from iStores on all network packages, and for cash.

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