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January 27, 2015

I know that there are so many books, websites, blogs and resources that offer great pregnancy and parenting information and advice, and some of them tend to blend in with the next one, or offer “guidance” that leaves you more sleep-deprived and feeling even guiltier that you’re doing things “wrong”.

But let me introduce to you the Johnson’s Baby website that is as gentle and nurturing as the brand’s products, and is easy to read and access (particularly useful if you’re tired, bleary-eyed or trying to multitask at parenting while reading it).

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The site launched towards the end of last year, and I’m so glad we finally got our own local version, rather than the still-useful-yet-sometimes-inaccessible UK and US content.

Aside from articles and advice that speak “to” me and not “at” me, the site is easy to navigate and is suitable for pregnancy and onwards.

By far, these are my five favourite menu categories are:

Moms to Be

There’s some brilliant information in sub-categories Guide for the first 10 days, New parent shopping list, Pregnancy skincare, and Yourself post-birth. Here’s where you’ll find some superb and non-terrifying info (as with many other sites), plus product suggestions for along the way.


We’re told how important touch is for babies, but without age-appropriate and thorough instructions, how are we meant to do it? Here, you’ll find step-by-step guides on massage for the different stages – newborn, young infant and older infant.


This topic is probably the most widely read and researched, and I wonder how “how to get my baby to sleep” ranks on Google searches. Whatever the case, Johnson’s Baby sleep guides are useful and logical, and there’s some good advice on bedtime routines.

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You can download some lullabies for nighttime relaxation and bonding – how awesome!?

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.22.08 PM

Video Diaries

There’s not a lot more unifying than seeing other moms grappling with the things you do, which is why I absolutely love these video diaries –  they’re like reality TV but without the fanfare and drama. Here you can watch and learn from (or just be comforted by) “real” moms doing their thing

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How to do: First night home

Nothing can really prepare for the first night home with your new charge, aside from maybe this video:

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