A brilliant book that teaches kids about facing fears and anxiety

March 17, 2015

You might know the name Alan Glass from all the covers of your Beautiful Creatures CDs. He and Ed Jordan created seven albums from the series, and now Glass has written a kids’ book, Oliver’s Outline.

It tells the story of Oliver McFear, who doesn’t have an outline, and believes that his fears and problems will go away if he has one. As he gets advice and does certain things, he realises his outline was there all along, and in order to see it, he just had to believe in himself.


I love what Oliver’s mom tells him:

Your outline is somewhere out
there where you seek.
It is waiting for you
right now as we speak.”

It’s one of those feel-good books with a great moral at the end, and is a good self-help reminder for parents too.

Oliver’s Outline is available from leading bookshops, and is published by Pan Macmillan.


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