Sponsored video: Have tissues ready for this one, about a mom who travels to the Arctic to make her daughter a home-cooked meal

March 25, 2015

There is never macaroni cheese I eat that a) doesn’t remind me of my mom, and b) makes me long for my childhood and being “nurtured” with the epitome of comfort food.

These days, my “home-cooked” meals involve takeaways and Woolies food, and I’m afraid my son will have no meals to associate with me, or anything homemade, in fact. I suspect he might associate me more with salmon maki from Hokkaido and Woolworths roast chicken than something I have cooked well, and that he can remember me by.

It turns out I’m not alone. According to research by Knorr, people, regardless of how much time has passed, still find their mom’s cooking to be one of the greatest flavours on earth. In fact, three quarters (75%) agree that just one mouthful of their mother’s home cooking is enough to bring happy memories from childhood. Around the world, 82 per cent of people say that the taste of some foods remind them of childhood, while more than three quarters of people (77%) agree that food can transport them back to good childhood memories.

The video below, Knorr’s “Flavour of Home”, is a beautiful reminder of a) the healing and nurturing ability of a home-cooked meal b) the way that food connects families, and c) how food is such a connector to our moms.

The story is about Carmen, who works in the Arctic, away from her home in the UK. Knorr flies her mom to the Arctic as a surprise, where she cooks Carmen her favourite dinner – beef, mash and peas.


Have a look here:

Through the video, Knorr also wants to remind people that with the right flavours, you don’t ever need to feel far from home, and they say the greatest flavour on earth is the taste of home. In my case, that would be a creamy cheese sauce, oreganum, salt and pepper.

In the meantime, I’m off to try to work on my homely flavours, so that my son one day will remember those, and not Mr Delivery’s.

For more information, go to the Knorr website.

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