If I could redo my childhood and teenagehood, this is how my bedroom would look

May 11, 2015

Pinterest-worthy, and child-approved and loved, Mokki is a furniture range for kids that makes me long for the days of bunk beds, and my very own haven.

Mokki has been kitting kids’ room out in South Africa for the last nine years, and has boys and girls’ ranges across three age groups – 3-5, 6-8, and 9 to 18. Mokki furniture is sold throughout America ,Europe and Saudi Arabia.


Mokki’s furniture and accessories are designed to be functional (eg storage and homework), relaxing and comfortable, and they’re pretty awesome havens for sleep, study and socialising.

One of my favourite items is the Paddington bunk bed (below), which is suitable for four-year-olds. The ladder is easily removable so if they’re not ready for the top level, it can be removed. The bed, much like with the other bunk beds, can last until late tweens or early teens.


It’s good to know too that there are no glue or lead emission from its paint, that the width of the furniture board complies with safety regulations, and that the bunk beds can take up to 100kg weight.

image description

The Mokki showroom we have 40 room settings all complete with accessories and each room is a complete child’s room.

mary-set nemo-set



For more info, go to the website, follow them on Facebook (you can find news and special deals here), or email here. For details of where to find your closest showroom, click here.

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