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May 20, 2015

It’s rare that an adult and kids’ venue gets it “right”, or ticks all the boxes, but I think I’ve just discovered one, and it’s right on my doorstep in Linksfield, at Mozambik (I’m tempted to kick myself for not finding out about it sooner). If you’re not close to Linksfield, don’t panic – there are branches in Ballito, Florida Road, Gateway and Hillcrest (KZN), and Randpark Ridge and Silver Lakes (Gauteng), with talk of many more opening around South Africa.

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Most of the kids’ venues have at least one “shortcoming” or area of growth – maybe the food isn’t great, maybe the entry fee or hourly fee for kids is high, maybe the service is slow, maybe the kids’ activities include a jungle gym and a TV, maybe it’s too loud, maybe the tables are on top of each other, or maybe it’s so full of children (and adults) that you’re too embarrassed to ever ask a non-parent to go with you.

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And this is where Mozambik comes in – the food and service are good, the grounds are huge with plenty to keep kids active and occupied, and while there are childminders and lots of kids, it feels like the biggest selling point is the food and chilled atmosphere. In fact, on the Saturday I was there, I saw lots of couples, and groups of adults sans children.


I can only speak of the Linksfield branch, but after a Google scour, it seems that all the restaurants are generally highly rated on the likes of TripAdvisor and Zomato, which seems like a good sign.

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The restaurants have traditional Portuguese cuisine, so you can expect the likes of marinated chicken, grilled prawns, espatada, trinchado and prego rolls. If you’re a fan of chilli sauce, order it to your liking, or buy a bottle to use at home – the stuff is awesome! We ordered sushi too, which was great, along with “secret recipe” milkshakes which the kids loved.

I will go back – primarily for the food and setting, and because my son spent about three happy hours running around, climbing, jumping and playing. It’s also a great party venue – there’s a special shaded deck area for parties, close to the jumping castles and play area.

I think the Linksfield venue works well for older toddlers and older, and though there are attentive childminders, there aren’t activities or facilities for babies and infants (eg ballpit, small swings), though on a warm or sunny day, you could always set up a playmat and hang out with the little ones there.

You can find Mozambik on their website, or on Facebook and Twitter

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