Want to remember all the amazing things your kids say? Then use this memorable app – Little Hoots

June 17, 2015

Not since Artkive have I found such a brilliant iPhone app for remembering your child’s moments. While Artkive lets you curate your kids’ art, Little Hoots takes your child’s quotes and turns them into professional-grade art pieces that can be saved, or shared on social media.

This free app is a gorgeous platform for you to track and remember those gems your kids come up with, the quotes and funny sayings that you might scribble down somewhere and maybe lose, or forget completely.

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With Little Hoots, you can create memory tiles of all the funny, smart and surprising things your kids say, or the conversations you have, and create a scrapbook timeline, in a sense. The templates and styles are beautiful, and you can add pictures to your quotes too. Keep them or share them, or follow the Little Hoots Instagram account to see other parents’ hilarious moments.

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I’ve just started charting my son’s quotes, and I’m loving it…

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