Everyone is a mobile photographer… which is why you should look at this

June 24, 2015

I wish I had a lipstick for every time someone tells me that they aren’t a good photographer, or that their cellphone pics are so bad, they will never post them to social media or show them to anyone.

Look a little closer, and everyone has a story to tell and a picture worth sharing, and I think we underestimate how much we can take a well composed pic, edit it with an app or a filter, and get a great results, whether it’s of a sunset, a great meal you cooked, your child’s first steps, or even their first day of school.

If you have an iPhone, you can enter your pics into iStore’s 5th iPhoneography event, which has just launched. You don’t need to be an Instagrammer or pro to enter – heck, I’ve entered the last four competitions, and I’ve had pictures selected each year (mostly of my son).

Each year, the winners are much like you and me – people who simply get shots with their iPhones (last year one of the winners was a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Cape Town).


My 2013 entry


My 2014 entries

iPhoneography encourages every iPhone user (professional or not) to get clicking, and submit their picture-perfect images into a nationwide competition. At the end of the competition, winners will be announced, prizes like iPads and MacBooks awarded, and the mastery of the iPhone and photographer celebrated.

FullSizeRender 2

Entries for iPhoneographySA 2015 are now open at http://myistore.co.za/iphoneography and will close on Friday, 28 August 2015. Each entrant can submit up to five of their best moments, which can be edited using any iPhone photography app. The five categories from which you can choose are: Abstract, Still Life, Scenery, Portrait, and My SA. A panel of judges has been appointed to select the best photos entered nationwide. 

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For more information on iPhoneographySA, please visit http://myistore.co.za/iphoneography or follow iPhoneographySA on Instagram and on Twitter at @MyiStoreSA. You can also follow and join in the conversation with the hashtag #iPhoneography2015.


I have dozens of pictures of my puppy Henri


For the launch event of iPhoneography, we drove around Joburg in MINI cars, snapping with our iPhones

Please note: While I work for iStore, this blog post is not part of my job description, and all words are my own


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