Must watch: The Way Kids See It… views of South African children, and how they can practically build a better future

June 30, 2015

Unilever South Africa has launched a global campaign called brightFuture, and it kicks off with a stunning short video ‘The Way Kids See It“, which captures the thoughts of kids around the world, including from South Africa.

Why this campaign? Well, Unilever believes we can create a brighter future for our children, see the possibilities, and “get involved”. Sometimes as parents it’s difficult to see the best future for our kids when things might look murky at times, but Unilever is more optimistic, and trying to shift the outlook, and get us thinking of a less murky future for our children. They admit they don’t have the answers, but nevertheless they’ve started a project, and want us to act now.


Says Unilever: “Kids have a way of simplifying things – ever noticed how no problem is too big for a kid, they simply invent a solution if they need one and why cant we do the same. We must teach our kids another way – it’s not too late to change the way we treat our world and each other and we must do this by teaching our little ones to live responsibly through our actions today.”


So, how do we act now, in practical and non-idealistic terms? For starters, you can share this stunning video on your platforms, and no, it won’t prevent loadshedding this week, but it can inspire thought and optimism.

Secondly, by sharing your child’s outlook for a bright future, you could win one of five R10 000 bursaries for you child. Share your child’s ideas on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #brightfutureSA, or submit them on the Unilever Facebook Page or to For more info on how to enter and win, click here.

On the brightFuture site, there are also some ideas to get started and help in campaigns and ideas. It might sound cliched that anything small can make a difference, but perhaps the biggest “small” difference is giving our children a gift of optimism, and teaching them this sentiment… that the smallest idea or thing really can impact on someone’s life.


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