I couldn’t get through winter happily without these products and things…

July 8, 2015

The other day I was going through all my products that had either expired, weren’t being used, or that I wasn’t too fond of, and I started thinking about those products that I can’t – or don’t – want to live happily without, especially in winter when my skin and hair tend to be a needier (along with my appetite, sadly).

I thought I’d blog about the things and services that get me through winter, and most months, in fact. I’d love to hear yours too… what are you “can’t-live-without” products?


1. Bio-Oil

I love that my skin seldom gets dry when I use Bio-Oil regularly, and I love that it’s easy to apply and absorb, and I don’t end up feeling greasy or oily. Bio-Oil is most “famous” for use during pregnancy as it’s said to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. Bio-Oil is available from chemists and most supermarkets, from around R62 for a 60ml bottle.


2 Lipidol

I wrote about Lipidol here when the inexpensive range launched in South Africa last September. My favourite is the Cleansing Body Oil, which I use in the shower. It doesn’t have a strong smell, nor is it greasy, and it feels refreshing and moisturising.

Interestingly, it’s from the makers of Bio-Oil, Union Swiss. The range has six products, and each costs around R80, from Clicks.




3. Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum

This fragrance always puts me in a good mood, and it’s divine for winter as it’s a stronger fragrance, though that said, I wear it a lot in summer too and it’s not too overbearing. I have lots of perfumes, but I always come back to this one.

Bottles starts at around R1130 from the likes of Red Square.



4. Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry

I’m sorry to include a product that we can’t get locally, but it’s worth a mention in case you’re ever looking for a great product to use when blowdrying and you’re overseas, or you know someone who is (Bumble & Bumble have other amazing hair products, available at the likes of Sephora).

This balm is non-greasy and lightweight, and tends to tame my frizz, and make my hair soft.



5. Benefit Eye Bright

This is another one from overseas, but Benefit products will soon be available here, and I hope this product makes it (another of my favourites is the They’re Real mascara).

Benefit explains Eye Bright as an “instant eye brightener” and  “like a nap in a stick” and I feel this cult product lives up to the claims. I’ve just started using it, and it definitely adds perk to my winter face and mood. It’s also suitable for all skin tones,

You can find out more on the local Benefit Facebook page, which lists the following availability details:

– July 11: Edgars – Sandton Mall, Johannesburg
– July 13: Edgars – Clearwater Mall, Johannesburg
– July 15: Red Square Beauty – Cresta Mall, Johannesburg
– July 17: Red Square – Canalwalk Mall, Cape Town
– July 18: Edgars – Canalwalk Mall, Cape Town

They also say a new wave of openings will follow after.



6. Ruby Woo lipstick

I have a slight obsession with MAC red lipstick, which might not be news to anyone who remembers my mentions on this blog, or my many Instagram pics of new red lipsticks.

Ruby Woo is one of my favourites, and while I wear reds in summer, it’s a must in winter for lifting the mood and colour (especially since my face is quite pale this season).



7. Regular manis and pedis

While my feet might not be on show in winter, I still need to see them, so monthly maintenance is a must, plus I feel good after a mani and pedi. I go to Polish Nail Spa in Parkwood, which not only has the most awesome and friendly technicians (I often joke that it’s like going for therapy here), but great coffee from The Parks a door away, and things to buy like earrings and scarves (yay – more winter therapy!)




8. NoMU Skinny Hot Chocolate

It would be remiss not to mention my biggest guilt-free treat – NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate. My dietitian has given this the green light, and it helps satisfy most of my sweet and chocolate cravings, which is saying a lot.

You can find this hot chocolate and their other products at select Woolies and Spars, plus you can order from their site (according to the site, Skinny Hot Chocolate is their best seller).








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  • MeeA

    I’m quite keen to check out the Lipidol range – thanks for the heads up! I’m afraid Bio-Oil doesn’t do it for me…
    Oh, also, I have seen the NoMU drinking chocolates at Pick n Pay, too. But I prefer to buy it from Yuppiechef because it just makes it feel that much more like a special treat… ;-P

    July 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm Reply
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