This South African app is worth every cent, and is a brilliant resource for kids for now and beyond

July 9, 2015

I’m heading to the Kruger Park soon, and I’ve been looking for an app for my son (it will be his first time in the game reserve) that will keep him occupied on game drives (in case we don’t see much) and learning at the same time, plus finding out more about the animals/birds we spot (since my knowledge is quite limited).

I have heard amazing reviews on the local Sasol bird and wildlife apps for adults, and so I purchased the Sasol Young Explorers Mammals app (it’s R119.99 from iTunes). It’s a pricier app than most, but this is an exceptional educational, entertainment, fun and interactive app for kids from three to eight (according to the app’s age recommendations, but I think kids beyond that will likely get value from it too).

The app has a lot to watch, see and do – there are facts about 60 mammals, calls and videos of animals, educational games, and beautiful images.

Other plus factors – you can choose from four languages (English, isiXhosa, isiZulu and Afrikaans), no in-app purchases, and kids can record their own animal stories and listen to them.

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For a preview of the app, watch this YouTube video:



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