Whether you’re naturally crafty or not, you and your kids will probably love this

July 24, 2015

Getting a craft box delivered brings about as much satisfaction as getting a ride with Uber, or having a mani and pedi as they all make my life easier. As a craft-averse mom, having to come up with creative things to do with my son, shopping for them, then executing them is a bit beyond my comfort and pleasure zones. Enter a craft subscription box service Surpriso, which sends themed monthly boxes with craft activities (including instructions and tools) for children between the ages of  five and eight.

Surpriso isn’t the first craft subscription box I’ve reviewed, but it’s a concept and service that I think can fill a big need/want/nice-to have. Each month, there is a different themed box, and each has three to five age-appropriate craft activities, with free delivery to major centres in SA.

In the box I tried, with an Under The Sea theme, crafts included Paper Baby Jellyfish, Gone Fishing (a magnet fishing rod to pick up fish), Under The Sea Door Hanger, and Turtle Sun Catcher. We tried the last two and the instructions were easy to follow, and the results good and “satisfying” for my son.


Here are the pricing options – you can subscribe for just a month, or longer (I think these make great original gifts for kids).

 Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.56.25 AM

Surpriso also offers the opportunity for people to become agents for the boxes, and earn commission on every box sold. There are no monthly fees or costs involved and your earnings are completely dependent on you and how many you sell. 

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