Must-watch: Four videos that remind us how vital online safety and education are for our kids

August 11, 2015

It’s one thing monitoring your child’s internet usage and limiting their data, and adjusting privacy settings so that they don’t come across porn or explicit or disturbing content. But it’s another thing completely to teach them how to conduct themselves on social media, chatrooms and in online games.

I guess the starting point is to teach them what they could possibly face online, and how “dangers” can come from every source – whether it’s friends, strangers, or strangers pretending to be friends.

Internet Matters, UK-based non-profit organisation aim to keep all children safe online, and recently launched a campaign that’s all about getting parents to play a critical role in their children’s digital lives.

According to Internet Matters, kids will ask, chat and play online  because they’re naturally curious, which can sometimes lead them to come across inappropriate content or engage in dangerous activities online. They’ve recently launched the #ProtectTheirCuriosity campaign with four films that show what could easily happen to your kids when you’re not around.
All these videos terrified me because these scenarios are so real, and because kids can so easily “stumble” into situations they either didn’t know about, or didn’t willingly enter into.
Have a watch… it’s worth playing all of them.







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