What are the most fattening fast food kids’ meals in South Africa?

August 25, 2015

This isn’t a post about why you shouldn’t feed your kids fast food, nor is it meant to make you feel guilty about what you feed your kids. Rather, it’s a set of interesting stats I came across on Business Tech on the kilojoule breakdown of kids’ fast-food meals, and latest findings about the state of South African children’s health and weight (I published a post last year about kids’ health and activity via Discovery as it’s something I’m really interested in).

According to the Business Tech piece, in May this year Professor Hans de Ridder of NWU’s school of biokinetics, recreation and sports science provided research showing that South African children were the third most obese in the world.

South Africa has a significant weight problem, with about one quarter of the population being obese, most notably among South African women, where 38% are obese, and 70% regarded as overweight.

The weight problems among SA kids can be attributed to poor diets and not enough physical activity, said de Ridder.

One of the biggest contributors to unhealthy eating is fast food, packed with saturated fats, and high carbohydrate and salt content.

Business Tech published a list of the most kilojoule- and fat-laden fast-food kids’ meals. Before you have a good look, keep in mind that the average amount of  kilojoules needed for boys aged seven to 10 is 7,600 kJ per day, and for girls its 7,125 kJ. For the recommended daily intake percentages below, the median figure of 7,350 kJ was used.

Also note that drinks (juices, soft drinks and milkshakes) weren’t included, along with desserts.



Captain’s Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla
Kilojoules 1 375 kJ
Fat (g) 17.0 g
Saturated fat (g) 9.0 g
Sodium (mg) 282 mg
Salt (g) 0.71 g
% of RDI 18.7%


Nando’s 2 Wings and Chips
Kilojoules 1 868 kJ
Fat (g) 23.4 g
Saturated fat (g) 6.8 g
Sodium (mg) 428 mg
Salt (g) 1.07 g
% of RDI 25.4%


KFC Mini Burger Meal
Kilojoules 2 493 kJ
Fat (g) 17.2 g
Saturated fat (g) 7.4 g
Sodium (mg) 1 164 mg
Salt (g) 2.91 g
% of RDI 33.9%


Steers Brat Pack Burger Meal
Kilojoules 2 728 kJ
Fat (g) 28.8 g
Saturated fat (g) 5.9 g
Sodium (mg) 1 215 mg
Salt (g) 3.04 g
% of RDI 37.1%


Wimpy Kids Cheeseburger and Chips
Kilojoules 2 821 kJ
Fat (g) 35.2 g
Saturated fat (g) 11.3 g
Sodium (mg) 769 mg
Salt (g) 1.92 g
% of RDI 38.4%


Burger King

King Box Cheeseburger Meal
Kilojoules 3 094 kJ
Fat (g) 32.1 g
Saturated fat (g) 8.0 g
Sodium (mg) 1 140 mg
Salt (g) 2.85 g
% of RDI 42.1%


McDonald’s Happy Cheeseburger Meal
Kilojoules 3 156 kJ
Fat (g) 31.9 g
Saturated fat (g) 16.0 g
Sodium (mg) 932 mg
Salt (g) 2.33 g
% of RDI 42.9%


Interesting to know: The World Health Organisation recommends that adults eat less than 5g of salt (a teaspoon) a day. According to the Heart Foundation in South Africa, experts estimate that salt intake by some South Africans could be as high as 40g of salt a day.

Via BusinessTech

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