The most bizarre yet interesting book for pregnant women

September 30, 2015

Take the weirdest and most common pregnancy cravings, make recipes for them, style the dish beautifully and you have a fantastically interesting cookbook.

This one, called Eating For Two, was created by Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigue, who were inspired by their friend who indulged in Oreos and toothpaste when she was pregnant.

They told HuffPost UK Parents: “We thought it was interesting that some rather disgusting things could be incredibly tasty to someone who is pregnant.

“So we decided to photograph them just as the women who crave them must see them – in a really mouth-wateringly delicious way.”

The online pregnancy cravings cookbook, which is not yet published, was a result of Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Rodrigues interviewing and talking to mums-to-be about what food combinations they were craving.

“We live in Germany and both love to travel, so luckily we were able to talk to a lot of different women from a lot of different countries about their pregnancy cravings.”

Rodrigues took the photos and Jacob-Ebbinghaus wrote the recipes and they did the styling – and tasting – together.

On the website, each of the 15 cravings has been reviewed by the pair, as well as giving people a full recipe to try. Each recipe description is quite funny, like this one for the olive chocolate cake:

The perfect birthday cake for your enemies.

They’ve featured 15 recipes on their website and are encouraging other mums or mums-to-be to submit their own suggestions.

Here are some of the dishes:

Bacon Mars burger

download (3)

Mashed potato with caramel sauce

download (1)

Steak with ice cream
download (4)


download (5)

Ice cream and chilli sauce

download (6)

Gherkin (pickle) cocktail

download (7)

Orange sushi with tomato sauce glaze



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