Kate Winslet narrates anti-bullying short movie Daisy Chain

October 28, 2015

Kate Winslet is the voice of the lead character in a new animated short movie about bullying, Daisy Chain. The short film is a story about a young girl who is bullied, and through the help of a friend she learns to create a “daisy chain” so strong that even her bullies can’t break it down.

Interestingly, Winslet has admitted that bullies made fun of her appearance growing up.

The beautiful movie was made by Australian writer-director Galvin Scott Davis. When his little boy was bullied he wanted to comfort him by reading him a book about overcoming bullies. But when he couldn’t find one, he wrote his own story, ending with the line: “Bullying is for people with no imagination’.”

The film is available online for free and Davis has teamed up with anti-bullying groups in Australia, the US and the UK to use it as a tool to help school-aged children fight bullying.

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