For fun and honest reviews (really), have a look at this new app, Ratepop

November 5, 2015

Do you ever see what people are raving about, and feel a bit left out or odd when you didn’t find the book/movie/song/lipstick/restaurant so amazing? I have that feeling all the time. No, I didn’t love Eat, Pray Love or Gone Girl. I don’t really like the new Adele song, and I couldn’t really ever get into Game of Thrones. Sometimes it’s a bit scary to admit this (I can almost feel myself being pelted with virtual naartjie peels), while other times it feels that people are just raving about things because everyone else is.

Enter Ratepop, a new free social network app that you can get on iPhones or iPads (it will shortly be available on Android devices) that lets you rate what you really think.

It’s more than like, dislike, heart and favourite – it’s a platform where you can rate a subject, service, product, idea or experience out of 10, see what your friends think of it, and see the average Ratepop rating. If you’d like, you can also leave a comment.


How it works

Download, sign up and set up a profile, and in less than five minutes you can be good to go. Like with other social media platforms, you can find “friends” or people to follow.

There are different categories to browse, and each one will have a visual list of things that have been rated, and that you can rate too, out of 10. You can also add your own experiences/products/services that you would like others to rate so it’s a clever way to see what people feel about things, whether it’s a particular nappy, a party venue, or a movie.


Users can create an original rating card to be shared with their community of friends, view a feed of their own latest ratings and follow the feeds and ratings of selected friends, brands or influencers. In addition, the comments feature allows for opinion sharing and debate around what is being rated.


Why Ratepop is cool

Aside from it being what seems like one of the most honest platforms around, it’s quite liberating to be on it – both as a rater and a reader of others’ ratings. It can also be useful if you’re looking for insight into your brand/product/service (the first thing I searched for was one of the brands I work for).

As online sharers these days, this is another good place to do just that, and get a feel for what people might really think. And for the first time ever, I shared what I thought about Nigella Lawson – 6 out of 10.

And, the good news is that there’s more to come. Ratepop creator, Johannesburg entrepreneur Socratis Avgitidis, told me in a text message that there are “many new features coming over the next few weeks”. I look forward to seeing!

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  • Lizette

    Looking forward to having it on Android

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