In Gauteng and short of time, but love great home-style food? Here’s the service you need to know about

November 10, 2015

I don’t need to be convinced very hard to try out a food delivery service. In fact, I don’t need to be convinced very hard to try out new food, fullstop. Nor do I easily turn away things that might make my life a little easier and lighter. So when Ginger Apple offered to feed me and my family for a week with their deliveries of fresh and home-style meals, I said a swift yes.

Ginger Apple is a culinary company that delivers healthy homecooked meals to your home or office, and the “hardest” part of the process is deciding what to order from the dozens of meals – choose from the Banting, low fat, daily and order-to-freeze menus. Once your dishes are delivered, you can simply heat up (in microwave or oven) and eat.

Getting meals delivered to my work was a treat, and for one week I didn’t have to think or worry about what to eat for dinner, and gone were conversations such as “What should we eat for supper?” “I don’t know what I feel like. What do you feel like?” “I’m exhausted. Please can you sort out supper”. Dinnertime felt easy and wholesome, and not once did I feel I was short on flavour, veggies, freshness and portion size.


How it works

  • Ginger Apple has a menu that changes monthly and provides you a choice of four home cooked meals daily.
  • You can place your order the day before and your meal will be delivered to your home or office. You can also place a weekly order in advance.
  • There’s delivery in Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand daily, plus certain areas of Joburg. The delivery fee depends on the area.
  • Ginger Apple also offers a cost-effective ‘order to freeze’ option.

The food

I was a bit sceptical that the food would be “fresh” since it’s such an easy and attractive thing to promise. However, I got daily sides that included salads, broccoli and grilled veg, which looked – and tasted – like they had just been prepped in my kitchen.

I tried a bit from all menus – daily, low carb high fat, low fat, normal daily, and made to freeze (this is a brilliant option for new parents, or for “emergency” dinners when you’re working late, having people over, or too tired to cook).

My favourites were the fish and vegetarian options – the salmon and zucchini lasagne, tuna and corn pasta bake, pumpkin and lentil pie, grilled hake topped with a creamy mushroom and sweet pepper sauce, spinach bake, and zucchini fritters were my best.

With each delivery, my son Max also got his own package, which was an awesome touch.


Good to know

Ginger Apple also offers catering for private events (eg special dinners) and corporate catering.

Ginger Apple will soon be offering an order online functionality – woohoo!


For more information, contact Nicole Parfitt (owner and head chef) on 082 377 7903 / 0824624731, or email her here.

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