Norwegian mom creates brilliant pregnancy cartoons

November 20, 2015

Norwegian mother and illustrator Line Severinsen hits the mark with her outstanding pregnancy comics Kos og Kaos (“Cuddles and Chaos”).

The cartoons depict what every pregnant mom, or someone close to a pregnant mom can relate to – body changes, cravings and those times where everyone just wants to touch your stomach.

Severinsen began drawing her pregnancy cartoons in 2012 when she was pregnant with her first child and continued illustrating during her second pregnancy this year, starting a Facebook page and building a following on social media.


Severinsen told Babble:

“I hope that my drawings show that you aren’t alone! The reason why I made the comic and why it is resonating with so many people all over the world is that we all go through some pretty weird stuff that you won’t find in the regular mommy magazines and books.”

Via Babble

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