5 things you should be cleaning in your house, but probably aren’t

Whether you do your actual home cleaning or not, you're probably still concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness factor of your space, especially if you have young kids. Chemico is a range of cleaning products that not only do as they say (ie clean well), but the 80-year-old brand now has a new look, and an easy-to-use packaging update (I also find that the range is quite affordable when I compare them to similar products on shelf).

The range includes Chemico Liqui Cleen (R21.99), Chemico Paste Cleen (R21.99) and Chemico Drain Cleen (R38.99). Chemico Liqui Cleen now boasts an easy-to-open, no-fuss cap. It’s ammonia-free and contains Actibeads, which give it extra cleaning power. All products have a recognisable pink packaging.


As the experts of clean, Chemico has tips on the things you should be cleaning, but probably don't think of doing regularly. Here are the places where germs lurk, and which should be the target of your regular clean routine:

  1. Your phone: Be it a mobile or landline telephone, when was the last time you gave it a good wipe down? If you look closely you’ll see a build-up of make-up residue as well as grit and grime from regular handling
  2. The television remote: Sticky fingers from a TV dinner, regular meddling by the kids – the television remote is a breeding ground for germs.
  3. Your computer keyboard: Be it a stand-alone keyboard or part of your laptop, the particles of food and dirt that collect between the keys is substantial. Tip the keyboard upside down and shake any loose particles out. You can use a hairdryer to blow out any remaining dust.
  4. Ceiling fans: Whatever you do – don’t turn the fan on after a long winter – you’re likely to be showered in a downpour of dust! Time to get on a ladder and wipe down those blades.
  5. Bath toys: Definitely not something you’d think about considering they reside in the bath! Bath toys are the biggest culprits of mould and need a regular dousing with bleach to keep them grime-free. Apply a small dot of transparent super glue to the hole in the bottom of a new bath toy to stop water getting in and promoting mould growth.

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