Have a look at these beautiful photos in which cancer kids’ dreams come true

Anything Can Be is Jonathan Diaz’s non-profit, dedicated to bringing to life the wildest dreams of pediatric cancer patients through photography. "We create lasting hope for children fighting cancer by taking their dreams and bringing them to life htrough the power of dream photo shoots, photography and art," says the site.

The organisation's aim? "To create lasting hope and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer by taking the dreams of pediatric cancer patients and bringing them to life through the power of photography and art.  To inspire young cancer fighters to believe in the impossible to hope for miracles and find the courage to make their dreams come true.  To inspire others to recognize and cultivate their talents then use those talents to better our world and enrich the lives of others."

Have a look at these beautiful images of kids reaching their dreams through photos:


Annika the Fashion Designer



Ethan the Batman Doctor



Braelyn Flying


Sophie-the-LibrarianSophie the Librabrian


Eli-SupermanEli Superman


Ellie-the-BakerElle the Baker


Jordan-at-PeaceJordan at Peace


Jordan-in-WonderlandJordan in Wonderland


Rae-and-the-UnicornRae and the Unicorn


Tristan-Playing-FootballTristan Playing Football

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