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March 9, 2016

Looking for a new kids' app to add to your or their device? Here are some fun, educational or entertaining apps I've been trying out and enjoying:


Endless Wordplay


I love whatever these developers make, and following on the brilliant Endless Numbers, Alphabet and Reader is Wordplay.


This app introduces key spelling patterns and phonograms that are important for beginning spellers and early writers.  The app is free with three spelling lessons to try, with additional lessons available for purchase, but the good news is that there are no scores, passes or "failures".


This is a must for kids aged four and up.


Toca Life: City


Toca Boca apps have had more than 100 million downloads and it's no surprise – they are all sensational, and kids love them.


Toca Life: City is a metropolis where kids can cusomise characters, explore locations and find hidden treasures. There are five locations (loft apartment, shopping mall, hair salon, food, park and theatre) and 33 characters that are customizable in 4.7 million different ways.


Kids can also record up to a two-minute video of what’s happening in the game and use their own voice to share with friends and family. It's available on iTunes for R39.99, and great for kids up until around five or six.

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Tinybop The Everything Machine


This isn't an average app, and one wouldn't expect average or normal from the Tinybop team. With this app, kids can invent and build anything they can imagine using the hardware and sensors already on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


The app uses a simple visual programming language to combine your device’s camera, microphone, speakers, gyroscope, and screen to make a light, a stop-motion camera, a kaleidoscope, a voice disguiser and more.


Kids can also play with friends. They can connect devices to play a prank or talk in secret codes, add logic gates and routers to build more complicated machines, and save all inventions.


It's available on iTunes for R39.99, and suitable for kids from age 7 or 8.




I'm so happy to have another app by Duck Duck Moose, whose apps were among the first my then toddler played with and adored.


WonderBox is like a combination of Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube for kids, but very family friendly. The app is controlled by the parent, and each family member can do a chalenge, whether it's taking photos or designing something. The results are then social shared in the group.


WonderBox is an inventive attempt to bring the best of both platforms to a family-friendly app for creating and sharing. Controlled by the parent, each family member can try their hand at 120 creative “challenges”, from designing an apartment to creating a weather report– with the results shared among the group in a social-style feed.


The app includes a catalogue of YouTube videos in categories such as science, geography and design, chosen by six teachers hired by Duck Duck Moose to curate WonderBox’s video content. Wonderbox is free on iTunes.



Jungle Beat


This game got me hooked, and not since Angry Birds have I not been able to put a game down.


The app, developed locally, is a game that puts the animals on an adventure of a lifetime! Baby Ostrich has become lost in the jungle and her friends need to work together to rescue her using every skill at their disposal.


The game features a rescue mission through tricky terrain, with puzzles that are quite challenging on fingers and minds.


Available for R39.99 from iTunes.

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  • Mrs FF

    Loving the endless apps. I downloaded the free versions which my 2 year old enjoys. I will get the paid versions when she is older. Will need to check out the other ones you mentioned

    March 12, 2016 at 7:03 pm Reply
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