Before you buy a bed, read this – tips from Dial-A Bed, plus details on their new flagship store

April 4, 2016

Dial-A-Bed has opened a new-look bedding store in Kramerville, and it fits in well with the rest of the area's decor and design stores. At the new Dial-A-Bed, they have the first-ever Simmons Sleep Store, but a large range of the world's best mattresses including Sealy, Forty Winks, SlumberKing, King Koil, Serta, Restonic and Dunlopillo.

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You can also shop for headboards, pedestals and linen so you can get your forty winks in style. There's also a "comfort zone" area for you to find the mattress is right for you (good advice on how to select the "right" mattress below). Choose your comfort zone from the three levels available – firm, medium and plush.

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Dial-A-Bed also offers same-day delivery if orders are placed before 1pm. They also have a 100 Night Comfort Exchange – if you don’t absolutely love your mattress, you can exchange it for another mattress. 

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Buying a new mattress? Here's some excellent advice from Joanne Meyer of Dial-A-Bed:


  1. Think about which room it is for. The type of mattress you buy depends on which room it is for and how frequently it will be used. A mattress for the main bedroom versus a holiday home (or guest room or child’s room) will be very different.


  1. Recognise if either of the sleeping partners has a specific health issue regarding sleep. A mattress can go a long way to helping with sleep problems and trained staff at reputable retailers can guide the customer through the mattress selection process. 


  1. If there is a major weight differential between the sleeping partners, this may cause motion transfer (when the heavier person turns, the other person bounces up and down).  There are specific products that offer reduced motion transfer – either via the spring unit or specific comfort layers −that absorb the impact of the tossing and turning. 


  1. Understand your individual comfort preference and personal needs. From there, you can decide whether you would prefer a gentle, medium or firm mattress. Dial-a-Bed stores offer a unique comfort test area that allows you to find the comfort that is right for you.  Take your time to choose your comfort from the three levels available – firm, medium and plush – all of which are colour-coded for easy identification


  1. Try out the various options in-store within your chosen comfort preference in person, with your partner there too.  Spend a minute or two lying on each of the options – your body will tell you what you like and don’t like. Make sure you test it on your side, too. (that’s if you’re a side sleeper!)


  1. Comfort comes from the filling material that is layered on-top of the spring unit – the better the quality of these materials, the more the cost. Some of the popular filling materials are memory foam, latex and gel infused foam – a salesperson can take you through the benefits of each.


  1. Support comes from the spring unit. There is loads of technology in the spring unit – designed to support the spine during sleep. Different mechanisms offer different types of support – a salesperson can take you through the benefits of each.


  1. Quality sleep helps us perform better during the day. On average, you sleep for 1/3 of your lifetime and a new mattress leads to a 70% increase in sleep comfort and a 62% improvement in quality of sleep.  Comfortable sleep is what keeps you sleeping more soundly for longer, ensuring you get the rest you need and certainly deserve.

PS: Dial-A-Bed is also giving away something huge on this blog next week, so look out for it then.




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